Find your passion.
Learn your purpose.
Master what matters.
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Transformation can happen!

Do you want to . . .

  • live life truer to yourself?
  • be more fulfilled in your relationships and your work?
  • create your day rather than letting it run you?
  • find peace regardless of the circumstances surrounding you?

We often have desires floating in our heads for months or years without pursuing them.

Imagine the joy of being fully awake to life and having the understanding for your life’s purpose and how to bring it alive.

With life planning and coaching, you get clear on your vision for all areas of your life and you have the support you need to take authentic action forward.

A life plan underscores your values, hopes and dreams.

Imagine doing more of what you love.

Benefit your life.

Life planning is about living true to yourself.

What does your best life look like? It’s a surprisingly complicated question. Even when you think you know the answer, the path to getting the most from your relationships, work, health, spirituality and other interests is often unclear. Andrea Millar Life Planning offers a safe, peaceful and insightful way to learn not only what your best life looks like, but how to achieve it.

No matter your life stage or challenges, Andrea is your guide to:

  • Bringing more joy, intention and meaning to each day
  • Building a work life that supports your personal life
  • Creating space for people and experiences important to you
  • Finding renewed purpose and peace as you go through life’s transitions
  • Simplifying your life and making decisions with ease
  • Clarifying and sharing your life’s intentions and values
  • Creating your family’s legacy
Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.
— Jim Rohn

Make your plan.

Andrea Millar Life Planning will help you find a clear path. It’s not a new you. It’s the true you.

Life tumbles, desires shift, and priorities change. We assist you to create a plan and act on what you want for your life now.

What does life planning do you for you?

We support you to:

  • Get clear on your life’s purpose and values
  • Go beyond your normal limits
  • Prioritize your time, money and energy
  • Find clarity in your decision making
  • Stay focused on what is most important to you
  • Make small, manageable steps toward your vision
  • Build the courage to act on what you most want
  • Live your life without regrets

How we create your life plan:

With a caring advocate coaching you, you’ll find the answers within. Together, we’ll take these five steps to achieving your best life.